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Distribution Coordinator

About Dal Group:

DAL Group operates across many business sectors including – Food & Beverages, Agriculture, Earthmoving, Real Estate, Energy, Mining, Automotive, Healthcare and Education– with each business playing a leading role in its field. Since its establishment, the company has operated to international standards, underpinned by strong, clear business principles and ethical values.

Job Title: Distribution Coordinator

Closing Date: 11/04/2021

Company: DIAC

Job Classification: junior-level (1-4 years)

Job Category: Administrative Support

Location: Khartoum

Position summary:

To maintain a steady cycle for the turnover of Spare Parts and Machines for all DIAC Distributors by ensuring all orders and related finance, logistics operations are handled in a timely and efficient manner that will result in distributors satisfaction and overall profit for DIAC.    

Main Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Orders Handling
    • Ensure the delivery of spare parts and machinery requested by DIAC distributors following the Distributors Ordering Plan set by the Distribution Development Manager  for accurate order processing that meet business needs, minimize risk and eradicate unnecessary costs.
  • Distribution Operation
    • Handle all processes related to distributors from receiving orders quantities through financials till delivery in order to ensure all products are moved and delivered in accordance with the agreed terms & conditions of the contract.
  • Branding Assistance
    • Assist Distribution Development Manager and Distribution Supervisor in branding by coordinating with Marketing team on agreed upon activities for distribution centers that result in efficiency and effectiveness of Sales Target delivery.               
  • Distributor Satisfaction
    • Respond to distributors and their staff questions and complaints with immediate corrective action to ensure maximum level of fulfillment, while adhering to company policies & regulations.
  • Distribution Quality Assurance
    • Maintain high quality of delivery of products to distributors and ensure the distribution to customers adheres to company standards. This also entails constantly reporting conflicts, complaints and injuries raised by customers (e.g. overpricing, shortages and fake spare parts) to align the distributor strategy with company strategy.
  • Analytics and Reporting
    • Ensure regular updates on distribution data analytics to inform reporting for presentation to Distribution Supervisor as per required in a timely and professional manner to identify potential risks for mitigation and opportunities to leverage for growth.

Minimum Qualification & Experience:


  • Bachelor Degree Diploma  in management/engineering or any related field.


  • 1 – 2 years’ experience in Supply Chain/ Marketing/ Business Development/ Sales environment/ Distribution Operations.             
  • 1 years Experience in CRM/ Marketing/ Sales/ Customer Care.
  • Has experience in Spare Parts.                                           
  • Experience in Agriculture Industry.

Required Skills & Knowledge:

  • Fluent in English and Arabic                                            
  • Supplier Relationship Building                                             
  • Logistics & inventory Management                                       
  • Knowledge of the transportation industry                                    
  • Analytics & Reporting skills                                            
  • People Management                                            
  • Microsoft Office & ERP                                            
  • Time Management                                            
  • Marketing & Sales Knowledge                                            
  • Spare Parts Knowledge   

Apply through: DAL Career Website :http://careers.dalgroup.com/career_opportunities/.
or send your CV to:
[email protected].
and mention the position name in the subject filed .

* Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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