Logistic Coordinator Deputy – Triangle


Job Description

Job Title:Logistic Coordinator Deputy
Location:Khartoum – visits TGH operational bases when needed
Line Manager to: Logistics Coordinator
Line Manager for: Khartoum Logistics Supervisor, Logistic Technician, Cleaners, Watchmen, Driver
Technical Supervisor:Logistics Coordinator
Works in collaboration with:  Coordinators, Field Coordinators, activity managers, other deputies, Logistic team
Closing Date:30/09/2021
Net Salary: 732 USD

Responsibilities and related tasks

Under the responsibility of the Logistics Coordinator, the Deputy ensures proper functioning of the logistics activities for the mission. They is responsible for managing specific Logistics tasks and assisting the Logistics Coordinator on other tasks as needed. All below tasks are managed under the supervision of the Logistic Coordinator.

HR management:

  • Define precisely their domain of activities with the Logistics Coordinator. Review work plan regularly based on forecast priorities updates
  • Participate in the management of Logistics team: performance staff appraisals, leave, disciplinary procedures
  • Participate in identifying areas requiring development and tailor training as appropriate.
  • Participate in internal capacity-building activities and supervise them as appropriate, and in coordination with the Logistics Coordinator
  • Co-operate in the supervision of partner organizations according to TGH partnership agreements

Supply chain coordination:

  • Ensure the respect of Procurement Procedures in Khartoum and all operational bases
  • Ensure that all procurements are planned, and are efficiently and safely done
  • Ensure purchase tools and forms are known and properly used
  • Ensure that there is not gap of coordination and communication within the supply chain
  • Follow-up all the purchases and their payments terms
  • Follow-up the transport and delivery of goods, services movements of goods between bases.
  • Ensure all supply chain documents are properly filed, archived, gathered at the main office of at HQ including completion certificates (distribution lists, handover certificate, …)
  • Ensure the digitalization of all supply chain documents
  • Ensure the preparation of external and internal Logistics audits

Assets and stocks management:

  • Ensure the proper follow up of fixed assets and stock of the mission
  • Ensure inventories tools and forms are known and properly used
  • Control the consistency of all inventories sent by the bases and KRT
  • Follow the maintenances and repair of fixed assets sent from the field.
  • Ensure that materials and goods are properly stored.
  • Assess Khartoum storage areas and suggest improvements if needed.

In kind donations:

  • Assist the Logistic Coordinator in the compilation of in kind donations and their filing (physical and numerical)

Fleet management:

  • Ensure the fleet management is followed up
  • Ensure that all TGH Vehicles and Generators have log book properly updated by their users
  • Control the fuel consumption and apply mitigation measures if needed
  • Ensure maintenance schedule is respected and maintenance is properly done

IT coordination:

  • Ensure IT means are properly used, stored and maintained (laptop, desktop, printers, V-SAT routers, …)
  • Ensure the follow-up of IT means and set up a renewal schedule based on budgets availability

Logistic safety and security management:

  • Participate in the follow up of Logistic safety and security coordination
  • Participate in the implementation of safety and security measures defined in the security plan of the mission
  • Ensure the respect of Logistics safety and security measures
  • Review regularly these measures and propose improvement if needed

Internal & external coordination:

  • Participate in the internal and external coordination
  • If needed and validated by Logistics Coordinator, attend external meetings
  • Assist the Logistics Coordinator in the follow-up of Taxes, Custom, HAC requirements and any related national regulations
  • Ensure that vehicles & communication equipment have proper and updated licences
  • Participate in collecting data and sending regular report and feedback on Logistics activities to HQ
  • Other tasks may be required for the running of TGH activities.

Knowledge, Skills and personal feature required

  • BSC Degree
  • Post Graduate diploma is an asset.
  • At least 3 years of experience in logistic department.
  • At least 2 years of experience as logistic Manager.
  • Previous experience of work in NGO highly appreciated
  • Financial Administrative experiences are a plus.
  • Good knowledge and experiences in logistics
  • Good Project and team management skills
  • Knowledge in supply chain, stock management, mechanic, electricity appreciated.
  • Excellent computer skills (Excel, Word, Outlook, Internet)
  • Excellent spoken and Written English and Arabic
  • Pro-activity
  • Aptitude to work in insecure environment

About Triangle Generation Humanitaire

Triangle Génération Humanitaire is an International Solidarity Organisation born in 1994 from the desire to develop cross-disciplinary and sustainable expertise. TGH integrates emergency relief, rehabilitation, and development in its programs within a comprehensive approach, using an environmental approach wherever possible.


Legal residence: France

Types: NGO

Funding agencies: EC, Government, UN, UNICEF, UNHCR, AICS / DGDC

Sectors: Civil Society & NGOs, Poverty Reduction

Address: 1 Rue de Montribloud, 69009 Lyon, France

Triangle Generation Humanitaire (tgh) in Sudan

The lifting in 2018 of US economic sanctions applied since 1997 has not had the expected effect on the country’s economy, which is mainly dependent on imports.

Deprived of about 75% of the oil resources now located in Southern Sudan since its independence in 2011, Sudan is facing soaring inflation that has caused several devaluations of its currency in 2018, with a direct impact on the living conditions of rural and urban population.

The decrease in armed clashes between rebel groups and government forces seems to be confirmed in Darfur, with the United Nations announcing the withdrawal of the peacekeeping mission in the region (UNAMID) in 2020.

On the ground, this improvement in the security situation and the signing of a tripartite agreement between the Chadian and Sudanese governments and the United Nations refugee agency announce an acceleration in the return of refugees who have fled the conflict.
Meanwhile, sporadic clashes between rebels and the government (particularly in the Jebel Marra area) or between different tribes continue to occur regularly.  In addition, the consequences of climatic disorders (floods, drought and fires) call for the maintenance of an emergency response capacity.

Acting in Sudan since 2004, TGH has rapidly expanded its programs in Central and West Darfur, despite a constantly precarious and complex situation.

From its six bases in Darfur and the one, established in 2020, in South Kordofan, the NGO continuously monitors humanitarian needs and identifies priorities for action. It can thus respond quickly to both new emergency situations in coordination with other humanitarian actors, local authorities and national partners, and have a solid knowledge of the structural problems affecting populations.

In West Darfur, TGH works with vulnerable populations affected by the conflict, and mitigates the effects of chronic emergencies due to lack of access to some basic services or natural disasters.

TGH’s multisectoral contribution saves lives while focusing on the empowerment of populations and the prospects for the return of displaced people.

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TGH is strengthening the technical and material resources to boost agricultural and micro-economic activities in Geneina and Kreinik. In cooperation with local stakeholders, these actions help improve cereal and market gardening production as well as a safe environment for the beneficiary populations.

In Central Darfur, TGH is strengthening sanitation and access to safe drinking water in the Golo town (Jebel Marra). This action complements the responses provided in Golo and elsewhere to food security needs: delivery of agricultural equipment, training or home garden activities (for self-consumption).

TGH also supports returnees in Um Dukhun for access to basic services: education, water access (through community management of the infrastructure it has built), and development of sustainable livelihoods.

Finally, TGH is opening a new project in consortium with the NGO Première Urgence Internationale (PUI) in the sub-district of El Abassiya in South Kordofan. Indeed, the region has suffered from conflicts, pitting the predominantly Muslim populations in the North of the country against those in the South, who are mostly Christian and animist, since Sudan’s independence in 1956. These clashes have been characterized by massive population displacements, a drop in agricultural production impacting food security, a deterioration of basic services including reduced access to drinking water and a deterioration of education and health services. TGH teams are therefore actively working to provide adequate and sufficient water access to the population as well as to facilitate access to an improved school environment and sustainable learning conditions for students in the targeted localities. At the same time, the NGO PUI ensures the improvement and access to health services in particular by strengthening the technical platforms of health facilities, by supporting prevention activities or by building the capacity of health staff through trainings.

From 2020, as in most countries, the health situation in Sudan has deteriorated due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Due to a lockdown that lasted several months, much of the activities underway during the first wave of the virus had to be suspended by TGH. As a result, the majority of programmes in Sudan had had to adapt in order to complete the planned activities in compliance with the recommended barrier gestures and hygiene measures.

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How to Apply

Personal features:

The candidate should demonstrate a calm demeanor, diplomacy, self-control, as well as respect of values and cultural differences; flexibility and pragmatism, rigor, optimism, good common sense, and always look for solutions instead of problems and team spirit.

I have read and understood the job description and I agree to perform the duties stated herein to the best of my ability, and in compliance with TGH principles which are humanity, impartiality and independence.

Furthermore, this job description can be updated during the time of the contract according to program needs.

Those who are interested in the position are requested to submit application letter, CV, and copies of Academic/experience qualifications to TGH Office, street 37 Amarat Khartoum, Plot No.16 block No 10, or hand delivered to HAC labour office or through e mail address [email protected]

Net Salary for this position is 732 USD

Opening date from to 19 September 2021 to 30 September 2021

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