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Job Description

PositionLiaison Officer
Salary Range653-730 USD

World Vision is an international Christian humanitarian organization founded in 1950 with operations in nearly 100 countries worldwide. In Sudan, World Vision has programs in Darfur, Blue Nile, East Darfur, South Kordofan & Khartoum states. Our interventions are in early childhood education, health and nutrition, income generation, and sustainable livelihoods. We serve all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender.

World Vision South Khartoum seeking to recruit qualified Liaison Officers based in Khartoum State.


The role of the Liaison Officer is to support Liaison Coordinator in terms of coordinating a smooth relationship with HAC, Immigration, Ministry of Labor, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs including the transparent and timely processing of documents as a major part of the administrative support of World Vision Sudan. The position is also responsible for coordinating, standardizing, and implementing the policy and procedures for management /controlling of domestic and international travel arrangements for international and local staff. 

Major Responsibilities:

% TimeMajor ActivitiesEnd Results Expected
25%Visas* Assist in Visas Process (Entry/Exit Visas) and provide regular updates to international staff (validity and ensures timely renewal). Include national staff

* Assist in processing the requests for international staff to obtain foreign visas for travel through Foreign Embassies present in Khartoum.

* Assist in processing domestic travel permits for international staff to different States

* Assist issue invitation letters when needed to facilitate entry visas for incoming new staff or seconded

10%Work Permits* Support organize all paperwork related to Work Permits and Residence Visas,

* Assist in regular communication with relevant staff, especially staff in remote locations such as Nyala in South Darfur.
% 25Hospitality* Adhere to WV hospitality policies and procedures and support in coordinating the flight booking for staff (international and national).

* Support in Collecting invoices/receipts when processing settlement of petty cash for local and international flights reservations and UNHAS

* Follow up and ensure timely arrangement with Administration Department in hotel bookings for staff or visitors traveling on official business in a timely and cost-effective manner.

* Follow up with IT, admin, and P&C for IT /communication equipment purchasing for newcomers/ or collection from leavers (i.e. Visitors and staff) who are coming or leaving the country.

* Support in delivering general guidance notes to visitors in coordination with the Liaison Coordinator.
%25Local Alliances and Networks:* Support Liaison Coordinator to ensure WV Sudan engagement with key government relations, strategic forums, and networks with different INGOs, governmental and private institutions to gain information and receive advice and updates on the current related issues, visas, and permits process within Sudan.

* Liaise and Coordinate meetings for WVI and other stakeholders, and establish liaison with Embassies and Government institutions.

* Assist in the preparation of the needed documents for WVS registration at Federal HAC.

* Provide full support in reviewing all Technical Agreements (TAs) before submission to Federal HAC for final validation and do permanent follow up to provide regular updates to managers
% 10Reporting: * Provide regular and weekly updates to the relevant stakeholders about news/changes on HAC policies.

* Support to provide P&C on a monthly basis with International staff list and their status in the country using shared folder.

* Support in developing tracking records for International staff movement during leaves and R&R
%5Self-development* Ensure  to follow/ to have a development plan for specific capacity gaps and have IDP in place on a yearly basis


  1. Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or equivalent.
  2.  Fluency in the English language (written and spoken)
  3.  Familiar with Microsoft Word and Excel
  4.  Excellent networking and communication skills (written and verbal)
  5. Excellent administration and coordination skills and the ability to prioritize urgent tasks.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or equivalent.
  2. Fluency in the English language (written and spoken)
  3. Familiar with Microsoft Word and Excel
  4. Excellent networking and communication skills (written and verbal)
  5. Excellent administration and coordination skills and the ability to prioritize urgent tasks.

Preferred Skills, Knowledge, and Experience:

  1. Fluency in the English language (written and spoken)
  2.  Familiar with Microsoft Word and Excel
  3.  Excellent networking and communication skills (written and verbal)
  4. Excellent administration and coordination skills and the ability to prioritize urgent tasks.

All applications should be submitted also to Labour Office HAC

About World Vision in Sudan

As a child-focused organization, our goal is to see children reach their full potential. We don’t just want children to survive, we want them to thrive! We began working in Sudan in 1983, our programs were initially operational until 1988. In June 2004, we resumed operations, in response to the Darfur Crisis.

Today, our teams of dedicated development and humanitarian professionals work tirelessly to contribute to the improved well-being of boys and girls through multi-sectoral and community-based programs across four states: South Darfur, Blue Nile, East Darfur, and South Kordofan. Our headquarters are in Khartoum.

We remain committed to our vision of life in all its fullness for all children. By 2020, we hope to have positively affected 2.5 million boys and girls in Sudan.

What is the main purpose of World Vision?

World Vision is an international partnership of Christians whose mission is to follow our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in working with the poor and oppressed to promote human transformation, seek justice, and bear witness to the good news of the Kingdom of God.

What countries does World Vision work in?

What countries does World Vision work in? World Vision works in some of the poorest countries in the world where the need for help is greatest. The World Vision Partnership works across Asia and the Pacific, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, and the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia.

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Liaison Officer – World Vision
Liaison Officer – World Vision

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