Pharmacy Supervisor(Port-Sudan)- MSF Holland

Section/Unit:Medical & Paramedical
Salary1,065 USD
Supervisor:Mission Pharmacy Manager / Medical Coordinaotr
Location:Port-Sudan with frequent visit other MSF location
Deadline: 03 April 2024

Ensuring the general functioning of the pharmacy and supervising pharmacy supply chain processes by MSF standards, protocols and procedures, to ensure its efficiency and operating availability. Added: Liaise with the Supply department to collaborate with the National Pharmacy board for MSF Cargo Pre-Clearance.

  • Ensuring storage, stock management and supply processes, as well as hygiene and security procedures, tools, and protocols (controlling pests and rodents), implementing appropriate quality controls and records, to ensure good storage conditions (temperatures, humidity and light exposure) and availability of drugs and medical material, according to MSF protocols, national regulations and in cooperation with the logistics department. 
  • Coordinating the delivery, reception and recording of international and local orders, in close coordination with the logistics department, updating stock files and informing line managers on their status (shortfalls, over-stocking, expiry dates), to permanently ensure security stock levels and ensuring efficient management of stock. 
  • Supervising orders of medical and drug material to ensure an efficient and appropriate consumption pattern under budget constraints. 
  • Supervising the supply of drugs to patients, according to medical prescriptions, informing them on consumption patterns and keeping conditions to ensure their therapeutic progression 
  • Ensuring efficient supply to other pharmacies managed/supported by MSF according to orders and stocks, and using cold chain when needed. Monitoring and analyzing orders of depending pharmacies to avoid ruptures of stock or having expired drugs. 
  • Supervising, with the HR department, the associated processes (sizing, staff shifts, recruitment, training, performance evaluation, development and internal/external communication) of the pharmaceutical team and the nursing staff, to ensure both the sizing and the amount of knowledge required and to improve their dispensing capabilities. 
  • Recording all items received and issued in computer (Isystock) and reporting on drug consumptions and medical equipment dispensed according to protocols, informing on unusual patterns as well as forecasting future needs, to rationalize the budget and to ensure availability. 
  • Assisting in training of nursing staff regarding dispensing of drugs and their side effects.

MSF Section/Context-Specific Accountabilities

Importation and Clearance processes of Medical goods in Sudan involve the Sudan National Pharmacy Board with specific tasks and roles in the quality of Medical items entering in the country to ensure regulations. Therefore an MSF pharmacist is needed to ensure good collaboration and provide necessary information to the Pharmacy board to smoothen and ease Cargo Clearance. This role is an additional Medical hand to the Supply department. In the absence of the Mission Pharmacy Manager, the mission Pharmacy Supervisor is hierarchically reporting to the Medical Coordinator (who is the overall mission Medical Supply responsible) and functionally to the Pharmacy Advisor. However, the pharmacy Supervisor will be closely working with the Supply Mission Coordinator and Supply Team Leader to support the cargo clearance processes and all related tasks.


  • Performing the day-to-day activities and administrative processes for the Pre-clearance of medical goods for a particular supply office (coordination level) according to MSF protocols and standards to ensure the optimal running of the mission.
  • Gap filling for pharmacy positions in the project in case of the absence of the pharmacy supervisor in the project.
  • Perform any delegated task from the line manager.
  1. Specific Tasks
  2. International Order
  • Work closely with the National Pharmacy Board to understand all Medical and pharmacy-related regulations for Medical goods importation.
  • Act as the link between MSF and the National Pharmacy Board
  • Negotiate technically with the pharmacy board if any new rules and problem arises.
  •  Be present in pharmacy board inspections for newly arrived cargo to ensure follow-up.
  • Be the focal point reference for controlled drug storage and management.
  • Support Supply team in inventories of the Medical Stock in the warehouse in line with the international order process.
  • Support warehouse team in medical stock counts.
  • Pay visits to the Warehouse to contribute to the quality storage of Medical items in close collaboration with the Supply team.
  • Prepare all historical consumption and FMC figures required for quarterly forecasting exercises and other reporting.
  • In cooperation with Logistics support the ordering process and the TSR (Total Stock Review)
  • Support the Medical Coordinator support in updating Emergency boxes (Silver boxes, Rack Sac, car boxes, etc…).
  • Contribute to the donation and loan process of medical supplies to and from MSFH and other partners.
  • Support project Pharmacy Supervisors in their relationship with the state pharmacy board
  1. Support to Mission Supply Department
  • In close collaboration and together with Supply Manager, work on Pre-clearance Processes, this includes:
  • Double checking all required documents for importation by pharmacy board are provided from APU (CoAs, CoOs and CoCs)
  •  Check expiry dates of medical items from APU if they are all good.
  • Follow up the importation of controlled drugs including filling out necessary forms from pharmacy board and finalizing the pre-clearance from pharmacy board.
  1. Others
  • Collaborate with pharmacists of other sections
  • Conduct regular visits to all projects
  1. The following general Accountabilities are not part of this Job Profile :
  • Supervising, with the HR department, the associated processes (sizing, staff shifts, recruitment, performance evaluation, development and internal/external communication) of the pharmaceutical team and the nursing staff, to ensure both the sizing and the amount of knowledge required and to improve their dispensing capabilities. 
  • Assisting in training of nursing staff regarding the dispensing of drugs and their side effects

Minimum Qualification, Skills and Experience Required:

EducationEssential, degree of pharmacy management. To possess the Sudanese National Pharmacy License.
ExperienceAt least 1 year certified work experience as a pharmacy manager.
LanguagesMission language and local language essentialEssential: Good level of written and spoken English 
KnowledgeEssential computer literacy (word, excel and internet).
CompetenciesResults and Quality Orientation 
Teamwork and Cooperation 
Behavioural Flexibility 
Commitment to MSF Principles Stress Management

Interested candidates are requested to send their CV & copy of educational and experience certificates directly to MSF Holland Port-Sudan Office

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