Area Programme Manager-East Sudan (Gadarif, Kasala, Red Sea) – Muslim Aid

SupervisorCountry Director
Duty StationGadarif
Closing Date  07 May 2024

The Area Programme Manager (APM) is one of the country leadership team and will represent Muslim Aid in Eastern Sudan states. S/he will be responsible for the overall humanitarian response and development interventions in MA East-Sudan (Gadarif, Kasala, Red Sea states) and River Nile state. S/He will make sure that the overall humanitarian and development work is implemented in a timely and quality manner in line with MA’s standard operating procedures and mandate. The post-holder will ensure that humanitarian programmes delivered are to the appropriate scale, scope, quality, and accountability expected of MA. The APM, reporting to the Country Director and work closely with Head of Programmes and Head of operations and other key departments, such as Finance, HR and Supply Chain coordinators. The APM is responsible for identifying needs and resources and elaborating programmatic, operational and leadership recommendations for the humanitarian and development interventions in line with MA’s Sudan and global priorities. The position holder will play a leading role in the effective scale up and management of MAs East-Sudan programmes to increase impact and enable positive change for MA. The APM will ensure the implementation of MA’s East-Sudan programme and project design and implementation in all humanitarian sectors:  Livelihoods Development, Health and Nutrition, Education, Emergency interventions and Religious Dues projects. WASH, gender and resilience activities and programmatic considerations must be integrated throughout our programming.

Programme Development and Management (Develop and design (new) programmes and projects and ensure effective and timely programme planning, implementation, M&E and reporting)

  • Conduct periodic high-quality and multi-sector needs assessments in the target states in a timely manner and continuously update the needs assessments for the development of proposals. 
  • Prepare and review quality project concepts notes and proposals in a timely manner using the recommended templates and based on the contextual analysis and secondary data available as well as the needs assessments.
  • Continuously monitoring humanitarian and development context and trends and ensure that the programme in the east Sudan adapts to the changing context.
  • Ensure effective staff and project work-plans (weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual) and develop plans for each project, review and adjust accordingly.
  • Conduct monthly and weekly Project Implementation Plan (PIP) reviews for all active projects and ensure timely implementation of PIP.
  • Ensure timely Implementation of all project activities according to the plans developed and take corrective actions to accommodate the revisions and reviews conducted.
  • Support and ensure the local partners to timely implement the projects and report and make timely decisions on all issues faced by the partners.
  • Conduct periodic preferably quarterly meetings with the partners to identify gaps and build the capacity of partners. 
  • Coordinate with the operational department and ensure that the implementation of the programme are effectively and fully supported and address the key challenges in consultation with the CD, head of programmes (HOP) and head of operations (HOO).
  • Conduct Monthly BVA meetings soon after monthly closure of accounts (preferably on 7th each month) and avoid major overspend or underspend in all budgets.
  • Prepare weekly and bi-weekly SITREP in East Sudan and timely submit it to the CD.
  • Prepare and submit monthly reports covering all aspects of the programme and operations in your designated areas of responsibility. 
  • Prepare donor specific project reports and ensure timely submission to the donors using the donor templates 
  • In coordination with MEAL coordinator, prepare and submit monthly monitoring reports.
  • Contribute to annual reports and annual and strategic planning and periodic reviews of annual and strategic plans.
  • Lead all humanitarian and development interventions in East-Sudan. 
  • Line Manage the Project Managers, programme and partnership officers, Senior Operations Officer,  Admin and Finance Officer based in Kassala and Gedaref states to ensure that all programme and operational activities are implemented in a quality manner. 
  • Ensure strict compliance of programme activities with MA national and global policies and procedures and with relevant donor regulations and agreements, SPHERE guidelines and the NGO code of conduct.
  • Take overall leadership in prioritising response sectors and funding where this is limited, in line with MA’s Global Strategy, ensuring maximum integration between sectors where possible.
  • Coordinate closely and support the SMT on response fundraising, supporting the development of high-quality concept notes and proposals linked to the response strategy, and engaging effectively with donors, UN agencies and INGOs.
  • Provide oversight for humanitarian programming implementation to ensure timely & high-quality delivery of programme activities.
  • Ensure quality programmes and the monitoring of this through regular site visits within the response. 
  • As a member of a response Senior Management Team, play a leadership role in the overall management of MA emergency responses. 
  • Coordinate with the East-Sudan’s Full-Spectrum Health/Nutrition, FSL, Child Protection and Education Sectors/Clusters to ensure sound programme strategies and coordination arrangements are in place.
  • Ensure optimal safety and security management procedures and practices are in place for the emergency response programme and continually monitor the safety and security situation, adapting staff safety and security procedures accordingly in collaboration and cooperation with the Head of Operations and Country Director.
  • Oversee effective functioning of logistics systems to procure, store and distribute programme supplies and services for the timely delivery of project.

Programme Development and Quality:

  • Collaborate with MEAL to ensure that monitoring & evaluation and accountability processes are in place and compliant with MA MEAL benchmarks and ensuring that feedback is incorporated into programme design and learning disseminated.
  • Working with SMT members to design multi-sector response and recovery strategies, programme plans and programme master budgets, ensuring sufficient technical and MEAL expertise is included within budgets, ensuring linkages with existing country programmes and a clear phased plan of action up to 1 year.
  • Ensure strong accountability to beneficiaries.


  • Produce high quality and timely reports for MA Country Office, Donors and within agreed reporting schedules as required.
  • In coordination with relevant Head of Programmes, ensure the preparation of a timely programme delivery and submitting the donor reports on project activities in compliance with internal MA requirements and any relevant external donor requirements.

Capacity Building:

  • Oversee the delivery of capacity building plans to develop the requisite technical competencies in programme staff.
  • Ensure that capacity building plans and performance management systems are in place to develop the requisite competencies in staff to ensure ongoing sustainability and quality of response in coordination with Country HR team.

Representation, relationship building and fundraising:

  • Represent Muslim Aid in the coordination forums, to donors, the media and members of the humanitarian community at East-Sudan level with prior acknowledgement to the line manager. 
  • Represent Muslim Aid with relevant government ministries, HAC, COR at the regional levels. 
  • Build effective relationship with donors, UN-agencies, government officials, INGOs, partners and other relevant stakeholders in Eastern Sudan and elsewhere.
  • Initiate or work with other like-minded organizations and establish consortia with interested INGOs for collective fundraising.
  • Continuously monitor call for proposals from UN-agencies and other donors in East Sudan
  • Help shape broader sector strategies through influence of and leadership within inter-agency coordination forums, ensuring the specific needs of women, children and disabled are being addressed. 

Organisational Learning

  • Take the initiative in documenting lessons learnt, good practice and case studies to shape in-country strategies and programme approaches and contribute to broader sector learning.
  • Lead on organisational level programme policy, innovation, learning or representation initiatives in consultation with Head of Programmes.

Partner Management

  • Identify potential local partners in the area based on an assessment of complementarity and added value.
  • Provide support to partners in project implementation and ensure timely and qualitative implementation of projects by partners in line with MA and donor requirements.

Operations Management

Finance Management

  • Ensure effective management of finance and that the financial system meets the programme needs.
  • Control project budgets at area level to avoid under/overspending.
  • Ensure accurate budget forecasting and efficient cash flow management.
  • Ensure timely and accurate area finance reporting.

Logistics & IT Management

  • Ensure timely procurement and adherence to rules and procedures.
  • Ensure quality supply management at area level.
  • Ensure proper asset management at area level. 
  • Ensure proper stock management at area level.
  • Ensure proper IT systems, data back-up and protection from malware at area level.
  • Ensure sufficient and reliable means of communication at area level.
  • Ensure timely and accurate area logistics reporting.

Administration and HR Management

  • Ensure transparent and timely recruitment of national staff. 
  • Proactively adapt the staffing structure to needs and funding.
  • Ensure regular performance appraisal and career management for staff at area level.
  • Ensure timely and accurate area HR reporting.
  • Ensure timely exit forms.

Transparency/Compliance Management

  • Minimize risk of fraud and corruption by ensuring adherence to MA conflict of interest and anti-fraud policies and procedures.
  • Ensure that staff is aware of MA’s transparency and whistle blowing policy.

Security Management

  • Analyse the security context at area level and in close collaboration with the CD/HOO contribute to defining, analysing and evaluating risks.
  • Engage with relevant key stakeholders at area level to ensure access and support of interventions.
  • Address security and safety risks by implementing standard operating procedures defined for the area in consultation with the CD.
  • Ensure the offices and houses conform to recommended security, health and safety standards.
  • Ensure all staff in the area adhere to security procedures.
  • Ensure security incidents at area level are promptly reported to the CO.


  • Comply with MA’s policies and practice with respect to child safeguarding and code of conduct and other relevant policies and procedures.
  • Contribute to transparent ways of working ensuring key information from projects, coordination meetings and other information-sharing and lessons-learnt fora is shared in an open and transparent way to build capacity and strengthen the overall MA’s response.

Minimum Qualification, Skills and Experience Required:



  • Strong language skills in English .
  • At least 10 years previous experience of managing multi-sector emergency or development programmes preferably in Sudan or Horn/East or North Africa.
  • At least 7 years proven experience in managing a large multi-sector, multi-national team.
  • At least 7 years of practical experience of managing programmes and projects across multiple states or regions in a large country like Sudan or multiple countries.
  • At least 7 years of proven experience in writing winning proposals and concept notes and raising funds from institutional donors. 
  • At least 7 years of proven experience in participating coordination forums and clusters and building effective relationship with the various stakeholders. 
  • At least 7 years of proven experience in conducting high-quality multi-sector needs assessment. 
  • Experience of managing multi-donor, multi-site programmes (Institutional Donors and UN agencies such as WFP and UNHCR. 
  • At least 7 years’ experience in writing donor reports to institutional donors 
  • At least 5 years of experience in managing operations (finance, HR, procurement/logistics, administration, IT etc).
  • At least 3 years of experience in Security management at regional/state level.
  • A relevant degree preferably master’s degree in one of the MA’s sectors (food security, sustainable livelihoods/economic growth, nutrition, health, WASH, education, DRR/Resilience, etc.
  • Proven project management skills at senior level 
  • Commitment to, thorough understanding of, and able to train staff in participation and accountability approaches.
  • Demonstrated ability to contributing to setting up monitoring & evaluation systems in large complex programmes.
  • Demonstrated ability to set up learning and development processes for a large team.
  • Proven ability of mentoring and coaching
  • Experience of senior level representation
  • Experience in developing and negotiating successful partnerships with institutional donors.
  • Ability to write clear and well-argued assessment and project reports.
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Proven ability to influence change at an operational and strategic level.
  • Politically and culturally sensitive with qualities of tolerance, respect of diversity, patience, tact and diplomacy
  • The capacity and willingness to be extremely flexible and accommodating in difficult and sometimes insecure working circumstances.


  • Experience or knowledge of working and living in remove and harsh environment/contexts.
  • Specific experience of designing and managing consortia projects.
  • Experience in East Sudan

Send CV, cover latter, ID and copy of certificates to Gadarif Labor office–

Start Date : 29 April 2024

End Date   : 07 May 2024

  • Only short-listed candidates will be invited for the test
  • Qualified Women encourage to apply 

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