Admin & Logistic Officer (Nyala) – PHF


Job Description

Position Title Admin & Logistic Officer
Section Operation 
Gross Salary 700 USD (subject to all statutory deductions).
Duty Station Nyala Area Office with frequent travel to the field.
Supervisor Nyala Area Office Manager
No. of Post 1
Duration 9 months (initially up to 31 December  2023) with the possibility of extension.
Closing Date 31 March 2023.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • ∙ Define or revise the supply chain strategy according to the context and the  operational needs of the projects. 
  • ∙ Ensure the stability of supply activities within regular and emergency interventions ∙ Manage supply orders, procurement, transportation and delivery 
  • ∙ Provide ongoing technical support to the supply teams as well as other departments ∙ Ensure efficient supply administration and provide adapted tools to support the  various supply activities 
  • ∙ Approve the use of supply-related third parties (suppliers, transport companies,  freight forwarders) 
  • ∙ Coordinates to all units for timely program implementation.
  • ∙ Accountable for the compliant processing of all procurement of program supplies,  office supplies, training materials, training venues, catering services, among others  that are needed for the emergency response operations according to the  Procurement Policy. 
  • ∙ Taking lead all procurement in his/her area for all four bases, from purchase  requisition to final delivery and ensuring delivery as per request. 
  • ∙ Responsible for safekeeping the hard copies and soft copies of the procurement  packages, asset management forms, fleet management forms, warehousing  documents, distribution reports for ongoing projects and other pertinent documents  relating to supply chain. Follow up with suppliers e.g. delivery schedules of goods  and other procurement related concerns. This includes coordinating with the  suppliers/service providers for the delivery and transportation of the goods for the  program. He/she is also responsible for giving feedback from the program staff to  the supplier and vice versa. 
  • ∙ Accountable for the accounting, maintenance of kitting of goods/equipment for the  program. 
  • ∙ Includes keeping and monitoring warehousing records of all goods that are received  and dispatched. 
  • ∙ Identify what goods/equipment needs to be replenished, purchased and/or  dispersed. 
  • ∙ Maintain a file or record of suppliers through the Supplier Database. ∙ Ensures proper documentation of all Supply Chain processes. ∙ Responsible for creating and maintaining the Procurement Tracker for all  procurements. 
  • ∙ Responsible for submission of the Supply Chain KPI Report to the Logistics  Manager. 
  • ∙ Issues assets to staff and tracks assets assigned to staff through the Asset Register. ∙ Oversees fleet concerns that includes the daily movement of the program and  support staff, mobilization of program supplies for distribution and for  trainings/workshops, observance of safety & security protocols, management of 
  • drivers (both SC drivers and rented vehicle drivers), and submission of the monthly  Fleet Analysis. 
  • ∙ Responsible for keeping track of all supplies received and dispatched through the  Warehouse Tracker and for keeping documentation for these movements intact,  including acknowledgement from beneficiaries for distributed goods/kits. 
  • ∙ Assist and accommodate the implementation team in all of the administrative and  logistics support needed. 


  • ∙ Ensures the appropriate use and security of assets and equipment assigned to the  project office area. 
  • ∙ Ensuring proper housekeeping of physical and electronic files and project assets  are accounted for and deployed as appropriate 
  • ∙ Endorsing to a wider audience of lessons learned 
  • ∙ Performs other duties and responsibilities delegated by the heads within his or her  capacity and SCI Mandate.

Monitoring and Evaluation 

  • ∙ Finalize reports on the status of the available and consumed supplies including  funding source Institutional Learning. 
  • ∙ Contribute to organizational learning and enhanced capacity in planned  intervention and activities by providing feedback to the team on things and areas  that are to be improved. 
  • ∙ Outlines recommendations for key issues that arise during the project  implementation Security and Safety. 
  • ∙ Contribute to the running monitor of the prevailing security conditions by  gathering security related information. 
  • ∙ Assist in ensuring that the necessary measures are in place to ensure security,  safety, health, and well-being PHF staff, and other visitors; and that security  standards and procedures are strictly adhered to. 
  • ∙ Support partnering efforts and opportunities with the Local Government Units,  other government line agencies and structures, NGOs, and other stakeholders  through consultation, information sharing when necessary.
  • ∙ Provides comments and suggestions when deemed necessary to all other activities  such as resource mobilization, project conceptualization, fund sourcing, and other  provide related strategic endeavors as required of the project. 


  • ▪ Master or Bachelor Degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Business  Administration or related field. 
  • ▪ Minimum 3 to 5 years of experience in humanitarian logistics management within  the field of Supply Chain Management, Fleet Management, Asset Management,  and Distribution Support. 
  • ▪ At least 2 years’ experience with people management. 
  • ▪ Knowledge and experience of dealing with service providers and contractors’  management. 
  • ▪ Proven Management and supervision skills, team player and proven commitment  to accountability practices. 
  • ▪ Excellent computer skills in MS Word & Excel, as well as experience working  with a software system. 
  • ▪ Experience with standard procurement procedures and documentation. ▪ Experience with construction and site project management. 
  • ▪ Experience with auto mechanics or electrical installations. 
  • ▪ Desirable previous experience in NGO/INGOs. 
  • ▪ Stable and robust character. 
  • ▪ Strong analytical and conceptual skills. 
  • ▪ Willingness and ability to frequently travel. 
  • ▪ A strong communicator, demonstrating the ability to network, present and  negotiate effectively at a very senior level. 
  • ▪ Work independently, accurately and efficiently to deadlines and targets,  often under pressure, managing a wide and varied workload, using strong  organizational skills, with minimal supervision 
  • ▪ Experience in both emergency and development contexts;

How to apply:  

Interested candidates are required to send the following documents to this email: [email protected] 

  • ▪ Clear CV (English copy). 
  • ▪ Cover or motivation letter  
  • ▪ University Certificates.

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