Technology Strategy and Financial Management Team Leader – Zain Sudan

Job IdFull-Time Employee
Section/UnitZain SD
Vacancy TypeFull Time Employee
Job Expires14-Feb-2024

As a Technology Strategy and Financial Control Team Leader, you will report to the Technology Strategy and Governance Manager. On behalf of Technology Management and CTO, you will be responsible for developing, managing, communicating, and embedding the Technology Strategyensuring that the Strategy is followed, besides planning and managing the Technology Finances. This is to ensure maximum alignment and maximum value from the Technology Department towards the Zain Sudan organization.

Technology Strategy Development and Management

  • DevelopReviewAlign, CommunicateEmbed, and Maintain the Technology Vision, Mission, Goals, and 3-5 years Objectives in alignment with local Strategy, Key Stakeholder Concerns, Key Market Trends and Technologies, and Zain Group Digital Transformation Strategy
  • Develop, Detail, Describe, Document, and Maintain the Future Required State/Outcome, including Target KPIs and OKRs to achieve Technology 3-5 Years Objectives, factoring in Key Vendor’s Strategic Products Roadmap, General Technology Trends, Innovation Ideas, and Reference Standards, in coordination with Technology Planning, Development, Operations, Quality, and Enterprise Architecture functions 
  • EstablishDefine Documents, and Maintain the required Capabilities to achieve the desired future strategic outcome
  • Assess the Current Capabilities and Identify the Gap between the Current and the Target required Capabilities to achieve the desired future strategic outcome
  • DefineDocument, Align, and Agree on the required Portfolio of Initiatives/Resources to realize those capabilities, including but not limited to  (e.g., People skills set, Structure, Processes, Data/Information, and Technical initiatives, including Access, Core, BSS, OSS, Applications, Services, Platforms, and Systems) in coordination with Technology Planning, Development, Operations, Service Quality, EA, Key Vendors, and latest trends and best practices
  • Model and Visualize the defined Initiatives/Resources as a Roadmap to facilitate understanding and encourage interaction among Technology Management on how to manage and prioritize the Roadmap implementation
  • Work collaboratively with the Technology PMO, Planning, Development, and Key Vendors to organize and alter Roadmap Initiatives into a Strategic 3-5 Year Portfolio. Additionally, collaborate with the Technology PMO to define the Portfolio-related Program Initiatives, Visions, Expected Costs, and Benefits, high-level Delivery Plan, Dependencies, Target Operating Model, key Risks, and Reporting and Governance Model
  • Form a Technology Strategy Development, Management, and Monitoring Governance Body to Evaluate, Steer, and Assure Value Realization of the Technology  Strategy
  • Develop Strategic Guidelines and Standards to guide, and influence technology adoption and implementation by Technology Domain Subject Matters, Vendors, Group Guidelines, Best Practices, and Technology Trends
  • Keep track of innovation and technology trends (e.g., Cloud, 5G, Open-RAN, V-RAN, SDN/NFV, CloudNative, Microservices, DevOps, CI/CD, Big Data, AI, RPA, IoT, Blockchain, Alternative Energy Solutions,…) and promote their adoption in alignment with our Strategic Objectives progress
  • Report our strategic achievements and progress in any formal forum on behalf of the CTO and Technology Management to Zain Local or Group Senior Management

Technology Financial Planning and Management

  • Contribute to Corporate Business and Financial Plans, by providing Tech. related Capex and Opex estimates
  • Support the Development, Management/Control/Operating, and Reporting of Technology Budgets and Operational Plans (Capex, Opex) based on the Business Plan and input from Technology, Commercial, and Digital Domain Managers
  • Develop Technology Expense Forecast/Reforecast Cycles including 3+9, 6+6 and 9+15
  • Support developing on-demand Financial Studies and Cost Models for solving/validating certain business issues

Typical Performance Measures:

  • The Technology Mission, Vision, and Objectives are communicated and thoroughly explained to the Technology Team
  • The Future 3-5 Years intended Strategi State/Outcome is well articulated with its associated KPI / OKRs and has been approved by Technology Management
  • The required Capabilities to achieve the desired future State/Outcome have been identified. Also, the gap between current and future capabilities are well assessed using any tool (e.g., SWOT, CMMI,…) and articulated, along with the required 3-5 Years portfolio of initiates/resources roadmap to close the gap is defined and well-integrated into the Technology Change Management Process in collaboration with the Technology PMO team
  • Technology annual Financial Plans are Formed and Operationally Managed, including Technology Business Plan, Technology Capex, and Technology Opex
  • The Target Governance Models for ensuring the execution of the Technology Strategic Objectives, have been formed and are being followed by the Technology Management and Team in coordination with the Technology Governance Function


  • Reporting to the Technology Strategy and Governance Manager
  • Managing Functions: Managing one Function; Technology Strategy and Financial Control
  • Handles Technology Strategy, Technology Financial Planning and Management
  • Responsible for Technology Strategy Setting, Management and Communication, Technology BP, Capex, and Opex Planning and Management and Strategic Governance Setting, Maintenance, and Assurance
  • Works mainly in collaboration with Technology ManagementEnterprise Architecture, Technology Planning, Development and Operations Function, Technology PMO, Technology Contracts and Vendor Management, Local Strategy, Group Strategy, and Finance

What Do You Need to Qualify

Personal Specifications


  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in a Relevant Engineering major (e.g. Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Telecom Engineering, Computer Engineering), Computer Science, IT, or any related field
  • MBA or any Post-graduate business qualification is highly-preferable
  • Minimum experience of 3 years. Any relevant experience in Technology Planning, Development, and Operations is highly preferred
  • Background in Telecom and/or ICT Strategy Planning or Service Management is a must-have
  • Ability and experience to effectively communicate, lead, negotiate, and influence in highly required
  • Any Professional Certificate in Information, and Technology Governance (e.g., COBIT), Portfolio Management (e.g., MoP, PfMP), Program Management (e.g., MSP, PgMP), Benefits Management (e.g., Management of Benefits), IT Service Management (e.g., IT4IT, ITIL MP, ITIL SL, ITIL Strategist, ITIL Specialist Drive SH Value, ITIL Specialist High-Velocity IT, eTOM, SID, TAM, OpenAPI), Managerial Accounting (e.g. ACCA, CMA) is highly preferred


  • Portfolio Management Best Practices and Frameworks
  • Program Management Best Practices and Frameworks
  • Strategic Analysis Tools, e.g., SWOTand Capability Maturity Assessment tools, e.g.,  CMMI and/or P3M3
  • Budgeting and Financial Planning and Management for telecom operators
  • Strategy formation practices, methodologies, and tools
  • Information and Technology Governance using COBIT 5 or COBIT 19 (including COBIT Core Governance and Management Model, and How to Design and Implement an Information and, Technology Governance Solution)
  • Information Security Management Systems using ISO 27001
  • TM Forum Frameworx Reference Model for Telecoms IT Management and Operations (eTOM, TAM, SID, OpenAPI)
  • Leadership Practices and Tools
  • Microsoft Office Suite including (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, MS Projects,)…
  • Current and emerging ICT industry trends, including (e.g., Cloud, 5G, Open-RAN, V-RAN, SDN/NFV, CloudNative, Microservices, DevOps, CI/CD, Big Data, AI, RPA, IoT, Blockchain, Alternative Energy Solutions,…)

Skills and Key Behaviors for Success

  • Excellent/Fluent written and verbal communication skills in English
  • Excellent Presentation skills and ability to visually present information to the audience
  • Refined Facilitation and Coordination Skills
  • Refined Leadership and Negotiation skills
  • Well Structured and Organized thinking and way of work
  • Strong AnalyticalProblem-Solving, and Critical Thinking skills
  • Solid Conflict Management Skills
  • Ability for Self-Motivation and Self-Drive (minimum supervision)
  • Ability to recognize and understand the perspective of Stakeholders as well as the ability to reflect “what’s in it for them” in each engagement
  • Ability to form an excellent level of trust with Stakeholders
  • Ability to see the “big picture” and act correspondingly
  • Ability to establish practices and methodologies for efficient work
  • Capability to interact with Senior Management with maturity and poise

The country’s leading operator was established in 1997 and today serves More than 16 million customers as of 31 August 2020, reflecting a market share of more than 48%. Possessing the country’s most advanced voice and data network, the operator’s network extends to an impressive 90% of the population with 2G, 3G, and LTE sites. Through constant development of the telecommunications infrastructure and proactive marketing initiatives, Zain remains committed to offering customers in Sudan the most dynamic products and services. The foundation of Zain Sudan’s achievements lies in the company’s ability to inspire its employees to deliver the best and most imaginative services at every level. With an energetic and inspired predominantly Sudan workforce, the company is committed to employing high-caliber people as well as nurturing the finest Sudan talent. With a strong human resources and training program that develops and nurtures leaders in the workplace, the company has consistently opened new doors for its dedicated staff. For more on Zain Sudan please visit

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