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Job Description

OrganizationCooperazione Internazionale
ROLECountry Administrator
DURATION12 months
POSTED ON09/12/2021

COOPI is looking for a Country Administrator in Sudan

COOPI has been present in Sudan since 2004. The recent history of Sudan is marked by strong disorders and violence, expressions of a civil war that on several occasions has shaken the country since its independence. 
COOPI’s interventions focused in the Darfur region that for a long time has been the scene of armed clashes and particularly hit by periods of severe drought. Since 2019, COOPI’s interventions focused also in the Kassala region. To allow the management of these activities and to ensure access to basic services for the population, different interventions were carried out, in the field of water-hygiene and food security both on humanitarian and development perspective.

Purpose of the role

He/She ensures the correct administrative/financial management and the sustainability of the Country Coordination, and  Area  Coordination  if  available,  by  preparing  the  coordination  budget  and  by  controlling  the  projects’  budgets preparation.  He/She  controls  all  final  balances  and monitors  the  correct  predisposition  of  all  financial  reports,  in compliance  with  COOPI  and  the  donors’  procedures.  He/She  guarantees  the  information  correctness  and completeness to the headquarters

We encourage international staff already in the country to apply.


Planning and coordination budget control

  • Prepare,  in  cooperation  with  the  Head  of  Mission,  and regularly verify the trend of the general coordination and any area coordination’s budget;
  • Monitor the sustainability of all coordination and field offices under the country coordination responsibility and verify the correct distribution of fixed costs to the projects;
  • Monitor the coordination and projects’ non deductible costs.

Budget preparation and projects’ economic-financial control

  • Supervise  the  new  project’s  budgets  in conformity  with  the  programming  and  the  Country Coordination/Milan’s  Headquarters  sustainability;
  • In cooperation with the Project Managers, Area Administrators and the Head of Mission, regularly identify the economic and financial engagements, which are necessary to carry out the project activities;

Goods managements

  • Verify the sustainability and correct management of all goods owned by COOPI, in collaboration  with  the  country’s  logistic  function  (“CAMELOT” and inventories);
  • Verify  the correct application of the organization’s procedures in relation to purchases and goods management;

Financial management

  • Supervise and control the cash management (safes and bank accounts) and the cash flow to the projects according to the requests;
  • Manage and supervise all funding by donors to the projects (anticipations  and  tranches  reception), updating  the  information  for  transmission to the  central Headquarters;
  • In  agreement  with  the  Head  of  Mission to guarantee the correct  timing of  tranches reception;
  • In agreement with the central headquarters’ Administrative Desk, propose the priorities for the financial reports submission schedule to the Head of Mission;
  • Ensure the correct management and the general coordination/field offices/area coordination cash control and related costs;
  • He/she has the right to signature on all the organization’s bank accounts;

Projects’ economic-financial monitoring

  • In  collaboration  with  the  Project  Managers  and/or Administrative Coordinators  and  Head  of  Mission/Area  Coordinators, he/she regularly  checks  the  economic-financial performance of projects: final balance, expenditure excess, expenditure projections, and financial forecast;

Financial reporting and audit

  • Finalize  and  control  all  intermediate  and  final  financial  reports  to  be transmitted to the donors,  before transmitting them to the central headquarters;
  • To be responsible for the correct financial reporting and she ensures the correct filing of all projects’ data;
  • To be responsible for the preparation and carry out of audits conducted  in  the  country,  and  for  the  transmission  to  the  central headquarters of all project documents to be audited in Italy;
  • To be responsible for the preparation of annual audits, if expected;
  • Guarantee the correct  functioning of the field offices, coordination and areas, also by going on verification missions on field;

Local staff management and local and expatriate staff administration 

  • Manages  and  supervise  the administrators/local  accountants  who  work  in  the  Coordination;
  • Ensures  the  training  for  the  Field office/Area Administrators under the Country Coordination responsibility, and for all the expatriate staff involved in the administrative process (ex. Logisticians, Project Managers, Area Coordinators);
  • Regularly monitor the work done (remotely or through missions on field);
  • Support the Head of Mission in the elaboration of local  staff  management  standards  (local  staff  regulation)  and  guarantees  the  correct  management  of  all documents related to staff management.


  • Provides technical support to the Project  Managers and to the Project Administrators/Administrative  Coordinator and control the correct application of COOPI and the donor’s administrative procedures;

Data elaboration and transmission

  • Regularly produce and transmit information and data requested by the Milan’s Headquarters, according to the planned schedule;

Administrative documents filing

  • Ensure the correct filing of the country’s administrative documents (central and peripheral level), in compliance with the organization’s procedures;

Institutional relations

  • In cooperation with the Head of Mission, manage all relations and related bureaucratic practices, with public administrative agencies in the country (work inspectorate, taxes general directorate, banks etc.) and with the administrative-financial offices of the donors’ decentralized delegations and any other task needed for the good realization of his work, agreed with country coordination.



  • University degree in Financial/Administrative subjects;
  • A minimum of 5 years of relevant working experience;
  • At least 3 years of demonstrated successful experience in international relief and development in a similar position;
  • Experience in liaising with governmental/local authorities, IOs and NGOs;
  • Demonstrated ability to work in stressful environments and under pressure;
  • Proven capacity to work in a team is essential.
  • Demonstrated effective verbal and written communication, negotiation skills, multi-tasking and organizational skills;
  • Fluency in English language;
  • Computer literacy;


  • Previous work experience in Sudan is a plus;
  • Experience in logistics, procurement and security matters is a strong advantage;
  •  Experience in managing staff is an advantage;
  • Experience in working in conflict-prone environments.


COOPI aims to contribute to the process of fighting poverty and developing the communities, intervening in situations of emergency, reconstruction and development, in order to achieve a better balance between developed areas and deprived or developing areas.


Via F. De Lemene 50, 20151 Milan
Ph. +39.02 3085057
Fax +39.02 33403570
[email protected]

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