Unlock Opportunities for Impact: UNICEF Jobs in Sudan

Explore a world of meaningful careers with UNICEF in Sudan. Our job category opens doors to impactful roles that resonate with purpose. Join a global movement committed to advancing children’s rights and well-being.

Why Choose UNICEF Careers in Sudan?

1. Social Impact Careers:
Dive into careers that go beyond job roles. UNICEF is synonymous with creating positive societal changes. Your role isn’t just a job; it’s a contribution to a noble cause.

2. Global Network Exposure:
Connect with professionals worldwide. UNICEF’s global network ensures you engage with diverse perspectives, fostering innovation and collaboration on a global scale.

3. Transformative Projects:
Work on projects that directly influence children’s lives. Whether it’s healthcare, education, or community development, your efforts shape a brighter future for Sudanese youth.

Explore Job Opportunities:

1. Education Advocacy:
Be a catalyst for change in education policies, ensuring every child in Sudan has access to quality learning.

2. Healthcare Leadership:
Join our healthcare initiatives, providing essential medical services to vulnerable communities.

3. Community Empowerment:
Drive sustainable change through projects empowering Sudanese communities economically and socially.

Connect with Sudan Career:

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Construction Manager(Kassala) – UNICEF

Job Description Job no567967Contract typeTemporary AppointmentLocationKassalaLevelP-4CategoriesSupply ManagementAdvertised04 Dec 2023 E. Africa Standard TimeDeadline10 Dec 2023 E. Africa Standard Time UNICEF works in some of the

Chief Field Office (Atbara) – UNICEF

Job Description Job no567861Contract typeFixed Term AppointmentLocationAtbaraLevelNO-2CategoriesProgramme ManagementAdvertised30 Nov 2023 E. Africa Standard TimeDeadline08 Dec 2023 E. Africa Standard Time UNICEF works in some of

WASH Officer (Port Sudan) – UNICEF

Job Description Job no564705Contract typeFixed Term AppointmentLocationPort SudanLevelNO-2CategoriesWASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene)Advertised16 Aug 2023 E. Africa Standard TimeDeadline22 Aug 2023 E. Africa Standard Time

WASH Manager (Port Sudan) – UNICEF

Job Description Job no564616Contract typeFixed Term AppointmentLocationPort SudanLevelP-4CategoriesWASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene)Advertised06 Aug 2023 E. Africa Standard TimeDeadline12 Aug 2023 E. Africa Standard Time The