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About the FCDO’s development work in Sudan

The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) pursues UK national interests and projects the UK as a force for good in the world. We promote the interests of British citizens, safeguard the UK’s security, defend our values, reduce poverty and tackle global challenges with our international partners.

We place emphasis on how we lead and behave towards each other, how we make decisions and how we get the job done to deliver our cultural statement:

  • We put respect and kindness first. We are inclusive, we get to know each other, and value our diversity and the contribution we each bring. We are fair, act with integrity, and tackle inequality and unacceptable behaviour. We work together and take responsibility to solve problems.
  • We draw on the expertise, insight and diverse perspectives of people across the FCDO, HMG, and beyond. We use the best available data and evidence. We are open to challenge and take a long-term approach. We are transparent about the rationale for decisions and smart about taking and managing risks.  
  • We are agile and alert to emerging opportunities. We encourage learning, innovation and use of data and digital. We are all clear on what we are expected to deliver and support each other in doing so. We look to reduce duplication and unnecessary process. We are committed to transforming both the FCDO and the way HMG delivers international policy.

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Job Description

POSITIONA2L/C5/ SEO Governance Advisor
salary  US$ 61,838 gross annually
DURATION2 Year Fixed Term

The Team

British Embassy Khartoum’s Open Societies team leads on the governance and politics of Sudan, as part of an integrated embassy effort to support the transition to democracy. The team works with Sudanese and international interlocutors to push forward implementation of the transition, from both top-down (institution-building) and bottom-up (accountability and political engagement) perspectives. Open Societies takes a blended approach to supporting transition, melding political and diplomatic lobbying with a comprehensive programmatic offer covering a wide range of transition-related elements. The team also leads on the protection of human rights.

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Purpose of Job

You would be expected to provide high quality, reliable, timely and relevant policy and governance advice to the British Embassy Khartoum in the key technical competency areas listed below. You should be able to design, manage and lead clearly defined projects. You should be able to lead on policy issues and technical processes such as consultations, research and stakeholder engagement, and should be comfortable influencing external partners. You will provide analysis and advice to enable the British Embassy to develop appropriate governance policies and provide advice across the Embassy’s programme portfolio.

FCDO advisers help identify, generate, and utilise the best evidence, knowledge, technology and ideas to improve the effectiveness and impact of the UK’s aid programmes and policies. Advisers have a key role in programme design, management and evaluation, and in influencing the broader development and implementation of policy – for FCDO and across HMG. They should have strong links with development networks, decision makers, political actors, research organisations and professional bodies both in Sudan and internationally.

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Governance is about how a country manages its affairs, including how power and resources are acquired, managed and distributed. It is about political relations and bargaining processes amongst elites and between the elites and different social interests. Effective governance requires state capability to get things done, accountability to citizens, and responsiveness to citizens’ needs and rights. There is no standard recipe for improving governance and the evidence shows that technical fixes alone do not work. This means our approach should be tailored to local context and informed by rigorous analysis of the underlying political-economy and related constraints and opportunities.

FCDO Governance Advisers support improvements in governance and politics that enable development, stability, and inclusive growth and improved opportunities for the poorest and marginalised groups. In so doing, they play an important role in helping FCDO to tackle the underlying causes of poverty and instability, which is central to both Sudan’s transition, the UK Aid Strategy and the new Sustainable Development Goals.

Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities

In this role you will also be responsible for:

  • Working as integral part of the Open Societies team in British Embassy Khartoum, to contribute to the British Government’s understanding of the political and institutional context in Sudan through regular reporting, engagement and analysis, and how it impacts programming and policies. Engage with other international partners to ensure coordination of support for Sudan’s transition. Engage for BE Khartoum with the local partners and institutions, the UN, NGOs and the donor and diplomatic community on governance and rule of law matters.
  • Co-lead and contribute to the oversight of FCDO implementing partners in the delivery of UK aid programmes, ensuring partners meet FCDO compliance standards.
  • Provide technical governance and corresponding political advice to FCDO programmes and policies and ensure conduct of political economy analyses, ensuring that they are in line with best practice. This will include analyzing the governance dimensions of all operating FCDO programmes and ensuring adequate advice is provided across existing programmes under all thematic areas.
  • Feed into the monitoring of governance trends in Sudan and the reporting of governance results of BE Khartoum’s Country Business Plan, in close collaboration with the Open Societies team leader, governance adviser and the results adviser.
  • Engage actively with FCDO’s broader governance agenda, including by providing regular and high-quality technical governance inputs to policy and strategy and sharing learning across the Governance cadre and Network. The job holder is required to contribute 10% of their time (approximately 22 days) where feasible in support of the Governance cadre and Network.

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  • Education Qualifications: A Master’s degree in a relevant subject (Public Policy, Political Science, Governance and Development Studies, International Relations, Finance and Economics and Management) OR equivalent work experience that demonstrates a similar level of technical experience.
  • Excellent written and oral skills in English 
  • A proven track record in working with national counterparts and co-ordination with international partners

Successful Candidate Criteria


Success Profiles are the new recruitment framework used within the Civil Service.

Candidates should be able to clearly demonstrate in their application examples of the following behaviours:

  • Making Effective Decisions
  • Collaborating and Partnering
  • Delivering at Pace.

Details of the above UK Civil service Behaviours are available byclicking this link.


Candidates should be able to clearly demonstrate in their application examples of the following delivery competencies:

  • Governance Technical Primary Competency: Applied Governance and Political-Economy Analysis (or equivalent).

You understand governance evidence, policy and practice in a range of settings. You demonstrate knowledge of political systems, core governance concepts and drivers of governance change. You apply political and institutional analysis to influence planning, dialogue, policy and programming decisions

  • Governance Technical Competency: Accountable and Inclusive Politics (or equivalent):

You demonstrate knowledge on how to foster inclusive political systems—including on elections, parliaments, political parties, civil society and media—while managing the risks. You influence and provide advice, set policy direction and programme leadership on political governance and accountability, working with HMG, and partners.

  • Governance Technical Competency: Public Sector Governance and Service Delivery (or equivalent):

You demonstrate knowledge of public sector governance at national and local levels and application in particular sectors. You are able to influence and provide analytical, advisory and programme support to civil service and sector reform processes that contribute to the sustainable improvements in service delivery.

The Governance Technical Competency Framework can be found here.

Important – HOW TO APPLY

  • Candidates must complete the application form and send it to [email protected] with a copy of their most recent CV.
  • Please quote the following reference number when applying “SUD2102”. Failure to do so may result in your application not being viewed.
  • Closing date of applications is midnight on 03 October 2021. Applications shown as being received after this time will not be accepted.
  • Feedback will only be given to candidates who reached the interview stage.
  • Failure to follow the outlined procedure may result in the application not being considered
  • While we thank all applicants for your interest, only those selected for interviews will be contacted.
  • Applicants must be legally authorised to live and work in Sudan.
  • Employees who are not liable to pay local income tax on their Mission salary may have their salaries reduced by the equivalent local income tax amount.

Sudan British Embassy is committed to equal opportunities in its staffing policy and does not discriminate on the grounds of race, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation or disability. Selection will be on merit. Persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply. 

application form (ODT, 28.9KB)

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British Embassy

British Embassy Khartoum

The British Embassy in Sudan maintains and develops relations between the UK and Sudan.

Our work covers a range of issues including:

  • supporting a comprehensive and sustainable peace agreement
  • working towards an inclusive peace with justice in Darfur
  • supporting national and regional stability
  • backing human rights
  • encouraging the development of democratic and accountable government
  • reducing poverty levels

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British Embassy Washington

The British Embassy Washington maintains and develops relations between the UK and the United States.
We deal with a wide range of political, commercial, security and economic questions of interest to the UK and the US. Our consular team in Washington provides consular assistance to British nationals in the District of Columbia, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia.
The ambassador is responsible for the direction and work of the embassy and its consulates. Their tasks are to present UK policies to the American government and to Americans, to report and explain American policies and views to their own government in London, and to support UK interests. They are also responsible for press and cultural relations and for consular services. They are based at the British Embassy in Washington but travels regularly throughout the United States.

British consulates champion trade and investment between the UK and US. They also keep the ambassador aware of political, economic and other developments in their consular districts. The consuls are also responsible for providing consular services to British nationals in their consular districts.

Is there a UK embassy in every country?

Britain does not have Embassies in any of the Commonwealth countries. British interests in these countries are represented by High Commissioners, not Ambassadors, working in High Commissions, not Embassies.

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